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Exposed Spray Tan In St Helens

Exposed spray tan St HelensI’m delighted to be the first salon in the North West to offer Exposed spray tans. Exposed is a professional brand that up to now has been a well kept secret amongst celebrities and salons in the south. I’ve partnered with Exposed to bring the most natural spray tan to Merseyside.

  • Allows a year-round tan with cutting-edge Adaptable Tanning Technology
  • 100% alcohol and paraben free
  • Made using Ecocert approved, organic and natural good stuff
  • Odour-free for a more pleasant experience
  • Longer lasting results
  • A natural, sunkissed tan for a healthy (not orange!)


Before switching to Exposed we ran our own trials with a few clients against other leading brands and below is some of the comments we received.

I love how you can go about your business immediately after the tan, With other brands I’ve had to hide away for a few hours until I could wash off the guide colour. This isn’t the case with Exposed, it looks natural straight off the gun, no stickiness, no odour. The best spray tan I’ve had to date.
Usually when I’ve had a spray tan I get unsightly patchy areas as the tan develops and then usually I get spotty patches once it begins to fade, I didn’t experience either with Exposed. I simply can’t believe that Exposed fades like a natural tan. It’s truly incredible.


Get Exposed!

You don’t need to risk going on a sun bed, nor do you have to be a pale colour, you can get a safe and natural looking spray tan in St Helens with Zen Beauty. I’ve chosen to use Exposed, the best professional spray tan solution on the market to ensure that your tan looks natural and lasts better than other spray tans. You can choose from various strengths depending on your skin type and the time of year, you don’t want to look like you’ve spent a month in the Caribbean in December time so i’d recommend a lighter shade. You can crank it up all the way when Summer is here and choose a darker shade. Whichever you choose you can be assured of a tan that people simply wont believe isn’t real, no dodgy orange colours and patches normally associated with spray tans. Just because it’s fake, it doesn’t mean it should look fake! We firmly believe that this is the best spray tan in St Helens.

Preparing For A Spray Tan

If you’re planning a spray tan then shave and exfoliate the night before, you can shower before the tan but don’t use any creams, moisturisers or deodorants as they will act as a barrier. It’s entirely up to you how you dress during the spray tan, some like to wear an old bikini or some dark underwear ( avoid white ) whilst others prefer au naturel. I also can supply disposable paper briefs if needed.

After your tan I advise waiting around 8 hours before showering to allow the tan to develop. Your tan should last 7 – 10 days with regular moisturising, Chlorines and certain other chemicals will reduce the life of the tan.

*Please note – I only offer spray tans to females only and only if they are over the age of 18

If you are planning your first spray tan then I’ll provide you with care instructions to help you get the most from your tan.

If you have any questions then please don’t hesitate to ask.

Spray Tanning St Helens

Full Body – any intensity £20.00
Half Body – any intensity £10.00
4 Tans per month (pay monthly for a tan each week and save £20) £60.00

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Best spray tan St Helens

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